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Your Egg Thawing Party: What Happens When it’s Time for the Big Unfreeze?

Lately, so many women are talking about whether or not to freeze their eggs for the future. But we often don’t dive into that future: what happens when it’s time to thaw them and make a baby? That was the topic of my August 22nd Egg Whisperer show.

It’s a good idea to look out for yourself because your eggs are precious and you only get one chance to thaw them

When I first started throwing egg freezing parties in 2014, I did so because I wanted to empower women (and men) about their fertility. (See The Egg Whisperer Is On A Crusade To Make People Aware Of Fertility Issues And Solutions)

When it comes to human biology and thawing your eggs there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee.

Step 1. Locate Your Eggs

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Fertility Doctor, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Egg Whisperer:

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