Why I Want to Partner with Lady Gaga for LGBTQ Fertility Access

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This past Christmas my husband asked what I wanted. Like most years, I tell him. “Honey — I have everything I need in our family. I do what I love, and there’s nothing you need to get me.” I then joked that I’d love to meet Lady Gaga, and for him to make that happen.

Well, let’s just say Christmas wishes came true, and my husband pulled off the impossible by taking me to Vegas for Lady Gaga’s show followed by a meet and greet.

I love her music, but even more so I love her mission. If you’re not familiar with Lady Gaga’s foundation, Born This Way is established to create a kinder and braver world. It’s pretty simple, yet sadly it’s a radical act to support the whole wellness of young people — physically and mentally.

Consistent with Lady Gaga’s drive for a kinder and more accepting world is the strength of her voice when it comes to speaking out for LGBTQ rights. People are people, and love is love.

Lady Gaga does not strike me as the type of woman to sit on the sidelines of injustices, nor is she likely to pass on the opportunity to incite change.

It’s why in my brief meeting with Lady Gaga I told her that as a fertility doctor who has worked with hundreds of LGBTQ, I’ve become increasingly aware of the lack of fertility education and resources available to this group. It’s not just an issue in the United States, it is a global problem that can be solved. It starts with the appropriate strong voice to bring attention to it.

That voice (a beautiful one, I might add) can be Lady Gaga’s. Fertility is a topic that’s sadly still very taboo. I do my weekly Egg Whisperer show so that people become more educated and the topic becomes LESS taboo, but it’s going to take a lot more influence to take down the veil shrouding it.

It’s why I want to speak with Lady Gaga directly about partnering to ensure fertility health education and resources are widely available to LGBTQ.

Today, there is not a foundation that acts as a go-to for this group. Yet, in the same way, Lance Armstrong set up a foundation for cancer patients to receive fertility care, so could Lady Gaga provide fertility education and resources to LGBTQ.

I’d like to be the fertility doctor to partner with her in making this a reality.

You can also catch more of me and topics like this through the Egg Whisperer Show. The episodes are live-streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and on Wednesdays at 7 PM PST. Subscribe to the podcast too!

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