Two doctors with one plea: take action on your fertility today!

By now if you’ve watched The Egg Whisperer Show or have read my articles you get a sense for what I care about. It’s pretty simple. I care about your fertility.

I want you to protect it. To learn about it, take action, and use it while you still can. It turns out I’m not alone. And thank goodness!

Dr. Jerisa is an ER doctor who lives in Florida. Her personal experience with an unexpectedly difficult fertility journey compelled her to start, Secure Your Fertility, which makes it easy for women to test their fertility.

As a recent guest on my show, Dr. Jerisa shared more of her story, mission, and I’m compelled to share it with you here too.

We both started our websites because too many women are uninformed about their fertility. It needs to change, and it will change if more medical professionals work together to raise awareness to the power of fertility screening for proactive health management.

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Like me, Dr. Jerisa wants to educate women about their fertility. We both believe that getting your fertility checked can be simple, as should talking to a doctor about the results.

Like so many women (and men) today, Dr. Jerisa focused on her career during her biologically peak fertile years. Once she found love and married she wanted to enjoy married life before starting a family. What she and her husband didn’t anticipate was difficulty in getting pregnant. That’s exactly what happened.

At 38 she didn’t want to keep trying without help. She learned she had asymptomatic fibroids which grew larger with IVF treatments. This led her to have surgery and another round of IVF. The embryos did not implant. After that, she had a miscarriage.

All these things happened within a three year time span. At that point, she was encouraged to pursue a different path to pregnancy. While Dr. Jerisa didn’t have more details to share (yet!), she did mention they have found a surrogacy agency.

Far too many women are told by their doctor not to worry about fertility because they are too pretty, healthy, or young-looking.

This is not rooted in your personal data, so it’s not helpful advice! What would be helpful is encouragement to get fertility screened as frequent as cancer or breast cancer screenings.

Birth control pills even have a reminder on the packaging to conduct a self breast exam monthly. It’s my hope that the same message be added for fertility.

  • Young women think that it might not be an issue for them and that infertility is an issue just for older women.
  • Hollywood pregnancy stories skew reality. The perception is that fertility issues are just a condition of older women.
  • Knowing your fertility isn’t about control nor is it expensive. Rather, it’s empowering, quite easy, and affordable!

Dr. Jerisa is very grounded. She is very good at managing stress and shared her approach which may be helpful for you to learn about.

There are a few core things that keep Dr. Jerisa positive:

  • She believes in a higher power and prays often
  • She meditates
  • She has strong relationships which remind her that her fertility struggles are not her fault

There’s one thing Dr. Jerisa wants everyone to know about fertility:

Fertility isn’t something only older women should know about. I have met so many young women struggling with it too. Don’t wait until you’re 35 or 40. Know your fertility status before you build your career.

Secure your fertility. Screening is important. Get your levels checked and reviewed by an expert. And exciting news to come about Dr. Jerisa’s surrogate journey soon!

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