Ten Things You Need to Know to Survive Depot Lupron

This article is all about the 10 things that you need to know to survive Depot Lupron. Think of this as your Depot Lupron survival guide.

I use Depot Lupron in my practice quite a bit for patients who have implantation issues, mostly related to endometriosis. We can also use it for women who have fibroid uterus, adenomyosis, as well. Tune in, and I hope you get a chuckle just like I do when I share this stuff with you.

  1. The first thing to realize is that you have to be prepared for dryness. I’m talking like communion wafer level of dryness. We’re talking about dryness in your vagina. Thank you, Depot Lupron.
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2. The next thing is this. Tell your friends and partner to be ready to bail you out of jail. You may not be quite yourself when you’re on Depot Lupron. Your mood can change, you might have some really dark thoughts. You’re not going to do anything about it, but it’s important to know that this could happen. If you weren’t prepared for it and you don’t want this to happen to you, Depot Lupron is just not for you.

I tell my patients to Google Depot Lupron and read all of nightmare stories online, so that when it’s time for their Depot Lupron they understand what could potentially happen to them. Certainly, this survival guide helps my patients, and I hope it’s going to help you.

3. The next thing is keep a bar of soap on hand for when you need to wash your own mouth out when you say things that would make a sailor blush, because I imagine you’re going to be saying a lot of those things. Have your soap handy.

4. In all seriousness, I want you to practice self care. It is so important to exercise and be outside in the fresh air, because exercise can exorcise the demons. Same with fresh air.

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5. The other thing is stock up on Kleenex, look into an anger management class or at least yoga, and get good sleep when you can. With the mood change that comes with the Depot Lupron sometimes, you want to be prepared and be a proactive participant in what’s happening, so that as soon as you feel something coming on you know exactly what to do, you have deep breathing exercises ready for when it starts.

6. I ask my patients to also take a hormone called Aygestin, also known as Norethindrone, 2.5 milligrams every night when they’re on the Depot Lupron. Sometimes I even have patients stay on a birth control pill. These are the things that I do to help with some of the symptoms that you can get. In some cases, I also add Letrozole as another way to deal with the inflammation, for the reason that I’m giving my patient Depot Lupron.

Kleenex on hand, yoga class, have it ready, meditation tape ready to go. (I think I just aged myself by saying meditation tape.) I hope you missed that.

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7. Now, eating. Eat like an adult, not like a garbage disposal teenager. Let me tell you, if you’re going to take this stuff out on your own body, you’re going to be really upset later. I want you to really be the best version of you. I don’t want the Depot Lupron to take your joy away and prevent you from thriving. Your body is a temple and some serious stuff just went in there, so don’t add to your body’s challenges. Mediterranean diet and leafy greens all the way while you’re on the Depot Lupron.

8. Surround yourself with support from friends and family. Let them know that you might be displaying some pretty extreme behaviors. They will still love you.

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I’m sharing this stuff with you because after over a decade of experience and thousands of patients, and so many on Depot Lupron, I actually asked them, “Tell me, how does it make you feel? At what point do you start to get these symptoms?” Most of my patients say they start feeling this way about two weeks into it. That’s why I’m hoping if you’re listening or watching this right now, you’re going to realize exactly what’s going to happen to your body, so you know what you can do to help yourself and be more proactive.

9. Keep your eye on the prize. This journey has been and is a marathon, not a sprint, in every sense. Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself. That’s kind of what I do for myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed, that’s my mantra every single day. I just live in the moment as much as I can.

When you’re on Depot Lupron, you know that your transfer is a month away, two months away, three months away, even four to six months away. I even have patients who are waiting for their transfer in twelve months after Depot Lupron because of the things like severe adenomyosis. You are in an endurance race, but one fine day the finish line will be in sight and you’ll be overcome with such joy. That will surpass and obliterate every damn shitty day and gut wrenching and heartbreaking obstacle that got in your way.

10. As one of my patients says, “My race is not done yet, but I know love conquers all eventually. I’m here for it and I’m going to fight the good fight until I’m done. You can, too. Let’s go, girl.” That’s a quote from her.

So, you guys, the Depot Lupron survival guide is here to stay. I hope you learn from it.

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