Join me at The Precision Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley

Hi everyone. If you follow my blog, if you watch my show, then you know — I’m all about giving my patients highly personalized care to lead to the best fertility outcomes. It should come as no surprise then that I find it to be a tremendous honor and privilege to talk more about that approach with some of the greatest minds in science and medicine. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Precision Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley in January of 2020.

The Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) is the original, and largest annual conference dedicated to the topic of precision medicine. The goal of the conference is to get the smartest people together across multiple science disciplines (business, research, medicine) to share what they know in hopes of accelerating the development and spread of precision medicine. In short, when smart people learn from one another they can help improve global health and patient outcomes. A pretty worthy cause and important reason for getting together, right? I think so!

The term, “precision medicine” is music to my ears. As you may suspect — in my opinion, fertility medicine and precision medicine go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. Truly. It’s why you frequently hear or read about The TUSHY method. It’s not because I like hearing myself talk. It’s because I believe it’s critical for my patients (any patient) to be equipped with the tools to learn about their bodies and work with their doctors to understand their diagnosis before treatment.

I know this sounds stupidly simple, but you’d be surprised how many patients I see come to me after years of unsuccessfully getting pregnant without a diagnosis. Sadly in many cases, they’ve undergone treatments without a clear understanding of why. I want to change that. It’s why I believe asking questions — taking an active role in your fertility care — can mean you get pregnant faster while saving time and money.

When you know your diagnosis, you can map out your personal treatment plan. Hence precision medicine. This isn’t rocket science. But, nevertheless, I’m happy and honored to be in the presence of the greatest minds at PMWC talking about how Precision Medicine Leads to Better Fertility Outcomes.

Here’s a summary of what I’ll be discussing: The latest technology clinically available gives patients access to highly personalized fertility care. Now more than ever patients are taking an active role in their care thanks to increased access to testing. This new-found knowledge is power, saves time, and can profoundly impact fertility treatment success rates.

I’ll be one of 400 people speaking across the 4-day conference. It may not sound like much when you put it that way, but this is an exciting moment for not just me, but for my family too.

As an Iranian woman living in the U.S. I have the good fortune to pursue education, medicine, and now can share with others what I’ve learned. Yet, sadly, today in Iran women are still limited in education and career opportunities. For that reason, I think my grandfather would be proud of his Iranian granddaughter to be among some of the world’s most respected and admired scientists.

True to the PMWC’s mission, I hope to learn from the brilliant minds at the conference and take something that I can incorporate into the care I give to patients. And likewise, I hope others will feel inspired by me to know that the science of precision medicine is important, and inextricably linked to the human side of medicine too.

We all want smart doctors. That’s a given. Yet, it’s the doctor that listens. The one that asks questions. The doctor that shows they truly care about the outcome. That’s really the not-so-secret sauce. That’s precision medicine with a dose of humanity.

If you want to learn and hear some of the greatest minds and practitioners in science and health, you may want to consider attending. Here’s a link to learn more. Use the code “EggWhisperer10” for 10% off registration.

Let me know in the comments if you plan to join! Or if you have any questions about precision medicine and how it leads to better fertility outcomes please let me know.

You can send me a note,

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