How To Sync Your Mind and Body for Fertility with guest Lucy Grace

Welcome to the Egg Whisperer Show. I’m so excited to have Lucy Grace
Yeldezian on today’s show for our discussion on how to sync your mind and
body for fertility. There’s no better person than Lucy to talk about this topic.
Lucy Yaldezian credits hypnotherapy for her own recovery from a crippling
depression over 20 years ago. As a practitioner, Lucy’s work is unique in that
she combines high-level hypnotherapy with energy/meridian-based

Dr. Aimee: Please tell our audience about yourself.

Lucy Yaldezian: I help adults, children and teenagers make ‘good shift
happen’ in their lives. I specialize in panic, anxiety, phobias, and fertility. I’ve
been doing this work for a long time. Fertility is such a rich area for the work
that I do and there are many applications. I’m excited to tell your audience about it.

Dr. Aimee: I love that: ‘Make good shift happen.’ I was thinking, “Does she know what she just said?” That is awesome. We should have a bumper sticker for you that says, ‘I make good shift happen.’

Here are some of the questions that I would love for you to answer:
Conception is a physiologic process. So how is the mind involved? Why is
it important to get the mind on board?

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Lucy Yaldezian: If the mind is not on board, then it will be much harder for
the body to get in line with our goals. When it comes to fertility, there are so
many layers and possibilities that need to be explored that most women
don’t even think about. I’m speaking of women because my fertility practice
has been exclusively women.

There are so many different aspects and different influences that can affect
the body’s ability and willingness to conceive and to carry that pregnancy all
the way through to a wonderful new baby.

Dr. Aimee: Is there any real evidence that mind, body, spirit techniques
such as hypnotherapy really help? What you’re talking about might be a
little bit “woo woo” for some people. So, what’s the evidence?

Lucy Yaldezian: It does seem “woo woo,” doesn’t it? When I started this work
years ago, I would spend most of my time reassuring people that I wasn’t
going to make them quack and waddle like ducks.

There is much more concrete evidence in this area. The foundation of the
scientific basis really started in 2004 in Israel. They did an extensive research
project with women divided into two groups. Each group had exactly the
same treatments and opportunities. The only difference was that one group
received hypnotherapy. The result was actually a 50% increase in success.
That got people’s attention.

And that’s just hypnosis. There are so many other techniques that are
valuable in this area.

Dr. Aimee: And what are those techniques, beside hypnotherapy, that you do for your clients?

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Lucy Yaldezian: I work with hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and also with an
umbrella of techniques called energy psychology. It’s relatively new and has
been called acupuncture without the needles. It’s a wonderful way to work on emotional blocks and issues from an acupressure perspective.

A few weeks ago on one of your podcasts, a psychologist was talking about
the emotional pain for women going through fertility processes — the
emotional pain, for example, of being invited to a baby shower.

With these energy psychology techniques that I specialize in, we can actually
diffuse these emotional landmines so that the anguish one would feel in a
situation like that would be calmed and diminished. So it’s not just stress
management. It’s deeper than that.

I can hardly describe how it works, but it works. I know for so many of my
clients it’s a big deal.

Dr. Aimee: So you’re teaching people life skills. Because the skills one
would use to diffuse the type of situation you just described could also be
used in a number of aspects in your life, right?

Lucy Yaldezian: Absolutely, yes. That's a really good point because this isn't something that I'm doing to them. These are skill sets and techniques that they learn. It's like having Advil in your medicine cabinet. If something comes up and it causes you emotional anguish or it causes you fear or consternation of some sort, you can reach for these energy psychology techniques or breathing techniques or whatever it is that I'm teaching and apply it.

You're not tied to a practitioner for the rest of your life for help. I think that's a real plus.

Dr. Aimee: More specifically, how does it differ from conventional therapy?

Lucy Yaldezian: Talk therapy has its place, and many therapists do cognitive behavioral therapy, which is great. But very few people are trained in these mind-body techniques that really go to the root of the matter. There are so many possibilities for what could be in a woman's way.

Sometimes I work with women who are working with therapists and the therapist will say, “Well, just go do this.” And they'll come to me and say, “Well, I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to let go of that.” And that's where our work can take off where therapy ends, or work in conjunction with. It doesn't have to be either-or.

Dr. Aimee: I met you 12 years ago and you've been helping my patients since. How long have you been in practice?

Lucy Yaldezian: I was certified in 1992.

Dr. Aimee: Have you always worked in fertility?

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Lucy Yaldezian: No, actually. I worked with panic, anxiety, and phobias. I have close to a hundred percent success rate with phobias. My fertility work began with two clients I was working with on emotional and family issues. One of them had been married for seven years and had not been successful in getting pregnant. The other one had been married for 11 years. Neither one had done any formal fertility work with someone like you. As we were working together, within two weeks both of them called me with the remarkable news that they were pregnant. I was as astounded as they were.

So I started looking into it and then I came across the work of Alice Domar. I started expanding that area of my knowledge. When I had gone through hypnotherapy school, there was certainly not that component in my training.

I don't think people had made the connection that fertility was an area that could be helped, and it can. It really can make a difference.

Dr. Aimee: What are some other specific experiences that you can share with us about clients struggling with fertility that had a subconscious impact on their success? I always tell my patients: I want you to get into the zone. I want you to believe that you can achieve it. What do you do to help people get there?

Lucy Yaldezian: I work individually with each client. Sometimes we start with stress management and with diaphragmatic breathing. I make customized relaxation recordings for people to help them relax mind and body.

For others, it's going in and helping to identify and heal past experiences, such as miscarriages; other failed IVF or IUI experiences; complications that they had during pregnancy; or unresolved guilt from a pregnancy terminated by choice.

I worked with one woman who was so afraid she wouldn't be a good mother. Another one was really terrified of the birth process. Until you start really exploring these areas, you don't realize that you even have these spheres or blocks.

One woman’s mom had passed away just before she got pregnant and there was a part of her that just couldn't imagine bringing a child into the world without her mom being there. So, you can see it’s a wide range and it's very individual.

Dr. Aimee: Have you been surprised by the direction that some of your sessions have taken with your fertility clients?

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Lucy Yaldezian: A lot of the time, yes. In one particular session, we were working with hypnotherapy and I had guided her to her house of healing. She had gone down a hallway of many doors and opened a door, and there was her father who had passed away and there was a grandmother, whom she had never met, holding a baby that she had lost. I was in tears. She was in tears. It was just an incredible experience. And nothing (was planned) that I would have guided her there or this is what I had in mind or what she had in mind. She had never even met this grandmother. And, that's the image that was given to her. It was an extraordinary session. There are so many stories like that.

One thing that's fun to note is that there has never been a client who visualized herself with a baby who didn't eventually have one. And sometimes that didn't happen right away. Sometimes that didn't even happen during formal fertility treatment but happened years later. Now I trust that if a woman sees herself holding a baby in one of our sessions, she's calling in that baby. Someway, somehow she's calling in that baby.

Dr. Aimee: Do women wanting to work with you have to wait until the shelter in place orders are lifted to do so?

Lucy Yaldezian: No, thankfully, this work can be done by via Zoom. Everything that I do lends itself quite well. I can even do hypnosis, via Zoom. I love seeing people in person, but that isn't possible right now.

Sometimes it isn't possible for clients in New York or Canada or even Armenia, where I've done some work. It works very well as a video chat session

Dr. Aimee: Where can people learn more about you and your work?

Lucy Yaldezian: I have a website: It also might be helpful for your audience to check out my Yelp reviews because the clients I’ve had — the ones that have been so generous to give me wonderful reviews — often they’ve been able to explain their experiences better than I can. Sometimes that is a helpful avenue as well.

Dr. Aimee: I think we have time, if you do as well, to take us through a 10-
minute body relaxation.

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Lucy Yaldezian: I would love to, as long as your audience members are
somewhere where they can safely close their eyes. Perhaps they are sitting in
a comfortable position or lying down, if they can.

And, just close your eyes, take a deep, deep breath, and just to begin to relax.
Think about relaxing every muscle in your body from the top of your head to
the tips of your toes.

Begin to relax and as you relax, let your powerful subconscious mind filter out
any outside sounds that you hear — traffic, voices, phones. Disregard them as you drift and float deeper — deeper, relaxed.

All those busy thoughts rushing through your mind. This is the time to let those thoughts wind down. Wind down.

Wind down — as you relax more and more.

You feel all the muscles in your face soften, loosen, let go.

And relax: the muscles across your brow, in between your eyebrows, all around your eyes.

Feel those muscles soften, loosen, let go and relax.

Feel the relaxation across your cheeks and flowing into your ears as you relax your ears.

Feel the relaxation around your mouth, letting your teeth part just a little bit to release any tightness, any tension that may be caught in your jaw.
The flow of relaxation moves down, down — down into your neck and
shoulders. Just feel your head becoming more and more comfortable.
Lighter. Clearer. Deeper. Relaxed.

Following the flow of relaxation, now all the way down your spinal column, vertebra by vertebra. As you feel the muscles in your upper back, middle back, lower back soften. Loosen. Let go. And relax.

Feel the relaxation deep inside your neck and shoulders and flowing down,
down. Down along your arms, deep in your elbows, wrists, palms of your
hands, along your fingers. Let your arms be so comfortable, so relaxed.

Feel the flow of relaxation now. All through your chest and stomach. The gentle, soothing flow of relaxation moves down, down. Down through your hips, glutes, thighs. Feel those muscles soften. Loosen. Let go. And relax.

Feel the relaxation in the backs of your knees, even under your knee caps.
Flowing down, down. Down along your shins and calves. Deep in your ankles,
heels, hardworking arches and balls of your feet and along each one of your
toes. Relaxing deeper and deeper. Deeper into comfort, safety, relaxation.
Going all the way into a core place of stillness, serenity, and peace.

Drawing that up into every cell of your body and allowing it to stay with you.
All through this state and beyond. Better and better. And better. Better and
better every day. Better and better in every way.

Dr. Aimee: Awesome. Thank you Lucy for that. That was very relaxing.
Once again, before we close the show, tell us your website and where our
audience members can find you.

Lucy Yaldezian: My website is a and —
I’m all over. Many roads will lead your audience to me.

Dr. Aimee: Great. I’m so relaxed right now I can barely put words together.
Lucy, thank you for talking to us today about how to sync your mind and
body for fertility.

Everyone, thank you for watching. For our audience, if
you haven’t already, please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel,
“The Egg Whisperer Show” and also be sure to sign up for a class in my
Egg Whisperer School.

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