Fertility Myths Debunked

Myth #1 Birth Control Pills Cause Infertility

Let’s get birth control pill makers to pay for a fertility health check up before you choose their brand! Wishful thinking? Maybe, but you can pay for a fertility health check-up yourself every 6 months for what you may pay for a month of fitness classes.

Myth #2: Egg Freezing is Insurance

Want to freeze your eggs, but clueless about where to start? Request an egg freezing party wherever you live to learn more with girlfriends in a comfortable setting.

Myth#3: My mom got pregnant easily and so should I

Myth#4: If I got pregnant easily with baby #1, then I shouldn’t have any issues getting pregnant again.

My pro tip: Get your fertility levels checked at your postpartum doctor’s visit. Or come to me and do a panel that we’ll discuss in person or over video chat.

This is a perfect time to do a fertility health check up. It seems like every woman gets the “what do you want to take for birth control talk” but we aren’t giving women the important information which is to understand and discuss your fertility for planning for baby #2 (if that’s something you want).

Myth#5: Having a miscarriage means a healthy pregnancy is around the corner.

Myth#6: Previous paternity = current fertility

Myth #7: Having Regular periods means your Fallopian tubes are open and healthy

Myth#8: IVF makes you run out of eggs sooner, go into Menopause faster, and cause Cancer

Myth#9: You have to take shots to do IVF

Myth#10: IVF Makes Healthier Babies

We are only medical doctors, not medical deities.

Make sure you know your fertility diagnosis so you’re not basing your fertility treatment plans off of fertility myths: only the facts. I wish IVF worked the first time. I hear patients say all the time: I’m going to try everything first and then if that doesn’t work, I’ll do IVF.

Myth #11: Your tipped uterus is making it hard for you to conceive

Myth#12: Getting pregnant is as easy as taking a trip to Hawaii or even better “Just adopting”

Myth#13: Acupuncture Increases Egg Count

Myth#14: Your fertility is skin deep

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