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Fertility patients know all too well that all modesty is lost when going through treatment. By the time you’re done with fertility care, you can’t even count the number of strangers who have seen your vagina. Don’t you wish you could get some sort of reward for going through so much? I mean, seriously! Well, how about a free trip for 2 to Hawaii: All expenses paid, brought to you by the Egg Whisperer.

Here’s how it works, and it’s easy:

Starting April 1st, clinics registered with Vaginaprize.com will log the number of people in the room every time you have an ultrasound or any exam involving your vagina (this includes: IUI, mock transfer, embryo transfer, saline sonogram, HSG, egg retrieval and ultrasounds). As you check out, the points will be added to your Vaginaprize.com account.

One lucky contestant will win a trip to Hawaii by logging the highest number of points on vaginaprize.com

This contest is not meant to discriminate against men. Penis prize contest rules are being evaluated and contest rules are coming soon.

Official Rules:

1. No purchase necessary

2. Everyone who participates wins a prize

How to Enter:

This contest begins 12 AM PST April 1st 2018 and ends April 30th 2018.

1. Go to: Vaginaprize.com and follow the instructions to submit your name and email address. Please describe what “fertility screening” means to you in two sentences.

2. Your fertility clinic will log your points at the end of each visit for you. If your fertility clinic is not participating, we will get them registered so your efforts aren’t wasted.

To get Vagina Points:

1. Verify that you’re going to a clinic that is participating in the contest, if they are not let us know via email: email@eggwhisperer.com and we will get them registered.

2. For each new adult attendee at your vaginal exam, you get one point

3. Ask your clinic to provide you the # of points you have earned at each visit and provide that number at check out.

4. Participating clinics will be able to enter your number into our secure website and you can keep track as well at vaginaprize.com

Disclaimer: sponsor is not responsible for any lost or late entrees. Everyone who registers will receive a pair of Egg Whisperer Pants (crotchless yoga pants).


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