At-Home Insemination with Mosie Baby

I am so excited to Maureen Brown co-founder and CEO of Mosie Baby joining us for today’s topic.

We have a lot in common as we both talk about sex all day!

Maureen, can you please tell us more about you are Mosie Baby?

Sure, first I’ll tell you a bit about myself. My husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility which eventually led us down our own entrepreneurial path to start Mosie Baby.

We created a syringe for people to get pregnant in the privacy of their own homes. There’s no needle. We are the first syringe designed for insemination.

While on our own journey to conceive we kept wondering why there wasn’t something we could do on our own in the comfort in our own home that was both less invasive and less expensive.

When we couldn’t find anything available we ended up making it.

So tell me more about your own personal journey to getting pregnant.

Yes, so our first child was the inspiration for the Mosie. Then our second child was the first Mosie baby. We struggled with our first for over two and a half years and eventually got pregnant through IUI. However, through that journey, we had this idea and couldn’t let it go and so started down the entrepreneurial path.

Fast forward and we ended up with our beautiful daughter and a prototype that turned into the Mosie kit that’s available today.

We used Mosie one weekend when we knew I was ovulating and to our delight we got pregnant. We now have our son, Frank who is three years old and he’s the world’s first Mosie baby!

Does he know he’s the world’s first Mosie baby?

Haha. Well, he’s been called a Mosie baby so he will know eventually. You know, it’s funny. We often don’t all know our conception story, but my children will definitely grow up knowing theirs.

Where did the name Mosie come from?

Mosie was my husband’s nickname for me. Many women named Maureen are called Mo for short and my husband extended it to be Mosie. Although, I must say that Mosie is no longer my nickname as it’s definitely used for the company.

Do you and your husband work together?

Yes, we founded it together and still work together. We’ve been doing it for four years. It’s been a journey, but honestly, I’m so proud and happy to work with him on this. He’s the best person for the business. He understands it from the male perspective and what that experience is like.

Do you have a kit to show us?

Yes, I have a kit here. It is currently direct to consumers and is shipped in a discrete package.

There’s no big sperm on the outside of the box when it’s shipped to people’s homes?

No, haha. There is nothing like that. Once you get past the unmarked box the kit itself is something we’ve tried to make really fun. We wanted to make sure that people knew that we were really thankful to them for inviting us to this intimate space and also wanted celebrate that you can make a baby with a lot of love this way. No matter how your baby is made that it comes with love.

We have some really fun packaging when you open it up. It says, “let’s make a baby!” On the inside, we have words of encouragement, instructions, and then the collection cup and syringes come assembled in a medically sealed pouch. The directions themselves are very simple and straightforward with some directions on the back to help people understand ovulation.

What do you tell people about ovulation?

We recommend a two-step approach. We encourage people to learn about their cycle. We want people to understand their cervical mucus. To find and monitor their cervix. Once they know their bodies and their cycles we think it’s helpful to validate all of that self-monitoring with an ovulation prediction kit.

Yes — and to get their TUSHY checked!

What I’m gathering is that the Mosie is really for anyone. Single women using donor sperm at home. For a same-sex female couple. For male couples looking to use a surrogate. Or for heterosexual couples that want to have intercourse and then use the Mosie as a backup.


Or it can be for guys that have erectile dysfunction. Then this can certainly help. I think the Mosie baby is an important education for how babies can be conceived.

I like to help my patients get pregnant in any and every way that’s available to us. For that reason, I’m so grateful that the Mosie baby exists and that I can teach them about it too.

You mentioned that you’d like for people to know their cervix and that’s a bit like a call to find yourself as that’s not always an easy or intuitive thing for people.

I have patients call me and they say, “Aimee — I’ve found something in my vagina. It’s hard like the tip of my nose.” And I say, “that’s your cervix!”

Yes — they’ve found it! Yay!

So tell me more about that and what you recommend to people as it relates to finding their cervix.

Absolutely. So I know personally for myself as I was trying to conceive that one of the more powerful pieces of information I gained was in finding my cervix. It definitely took me some tries. Most women are not used to feeling inside their vagina. It really was about what my vagina felt like and then I had to learn what my cervix felt like.

I have been a huge advocate for women learning how to find their cervix. It is an incredible tool for women to understand where they are in their cycle. It’s actually kind of amazing.

I think I need to go to GoDaddy right now and see if “” is available…

Seriously. It’s like this secret we’re too afraid to mention because you have to, as a female, take your own hand (fingers) and put it inside of your vagina.

Which I know is kind of graphic for some people to understand but to be honest we let other people go inside of our vaginas and we are too intimidated or afraid to do it ourselves.

So in many ways, it’s about reclaiming your body for yourself and knowing what goes on in your cycle. It’s this great piece of education that you can use to empower yourself on your journey.

While doing IUI on patients I often invite the partners that are in the room over to look at the cervix and be part of the procedure. This may sound odd, but I ask the patient if they’d like to see what their cervix looks like. I show them by taking their phone and letting them see it for their own education.

As you said, it’s this big mysterious thing and it’s not meant to scare people. It can scare people if you don’t know what that hard thing is at the top of your vagina that feels like a nose. I’ve had people feel it and wonder if there is a tumor or a mass inside their vagina when it’s just their cervix.

So tell us, who is using the Mosie? What type of feedback are you getting? Are there any success stories that you’d like to share? Are you going to be on Shark Tank? I think you should!

First, we’ll start with success stories because we have so many people who have been brave and shared their stories with us from all walks of life.

You touched on this earlier, but we have heard from hundreds of people — all with different situations — that we’ve been able to help.

They’ve allowed us to share their stories. One of my favorites is a family member who had been trying for years and years and eventually had a family member carry for her. We had two dads, a number of people who had journeys like ours in dealing with unexplained infertility. It’s just amazing to see people that struggled like we did who then go on to have success using the Mosie.

I have to imagine for women who have vaginismus as well (severe pelvic pain and fear of intercourse) that this is something that can help greatly.

Yes, absolutely. Mosie has been a way to help women with vaginismus overcome that barrier for being a mother. They may be in a loving relationship and it’s just been something that they’ve struggled with and so Mosie is very easy for them to use.

It’s very comfortable. It’s safe. We’re very honored that we’ve been part of so many people’s journeys. This is our website where people can learn more.

How much are you paying me to be on tonight’s show?

Haha. I’m paying you in hugs and love!

That’s right! That’s what I’m all about. I want my patients and more to learn about the helpful technology and tools available to them to complement the role a doctor can have in their fertility care.

Even if you are going through fertility treatment there’s always a chance for pregnancy at home provided your fallopian tubes aren’t blocked.

We’ve had a number of couples who have gone through IUI and during that process they’ve been encouraged by their doctor to continue to have sex at home with the help of Mosie. Many of these couples have used Mosie in conjunction with the procedures they were doing with their doctor.

Totally. And this is something I was taught in medical school and have done with patients. I’ve given them a cup and a syringe and have had them take it home with them. It’s why I’m so grateful that you’ve created this company to make it more accessible to more people.

Thank you. Yes, and we want to empower people to feel loved through this journey and know that no matter how they make the baby that their baby is made with love.

You can use something like Mosie and have a baby made with complete and utter love.

How much is a Mosie Baby kit for those who want to buy it?

Sure. A Mosie kit comes with two syringes for two attempts and it’s $89.

Thank you, Maureen, for being on this show. I hope people had fun hearing us talk about sex, Mosie baby, and love.

Thank you, I love talking with people about this. is the email address that people can use to reach me directly. Thank you for having me on to talk with people about Mosie baby and I want people to know that they are not alone. Anyone can reach out to me as I love talking about this with people!

Thank you, Maureen!

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