Announcing the new Tesla Testicular Temperature Tracking System, T4S

Dr.Aimee Eyvazzadeh
4 min readApr 1, 2020


Elon Musk, Tesla co-founder and CEO, announced his company’s first foray into male fertility. The technology entrepreneur will partner with the globally recognized fertility specialist, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh to broaden access to male fertility diagnostic testing all within the new T4 System.

Elon Musk has dedicated the last 10 years to men’s fertility health. As someone who went through IVF himself, and is once again expecting with his partner, he knows all too well the importance of a healthy sperm cell.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is shaped like a sperm cell.

Through his partnership with Dr. Aimee, he will be the lead project manager coordinating the first IVF cycle in space. He has chosen Dr. Aimee for this mission. As someone who went through IVF for his 5 sons, he has been dedicating his life to improving fertility care for men and his hope through the T4 system is that he can improve sperm health through his technology.

Here’s how the new system works:

Seat temperature monitoring: For the last 10 years, research has been done to create the ideal Tesla seat temperature for optimal testicular function. This system will track the temperature of testicles and the seat temperature will adjust to what decades of research shows to be the best seat temperature for sperm health. As the temperature of men’s testicles rises, the temperature of the seat drops. This research has been ongoing in select Tesla models and it has now officially launched in all Tesla cars worldwide. Please visit to synch your car for optimal sperm health.

Sperm Quality Tracking: Not only does the system adjust the seat of your Tesla, but you can also track your sperm quality at any charging station in America (international roll out to come in 2022).

Tesla fertility kiosks are coming soon and if you run out of your Tesla semen collection kit you can always pick one up from the fertility kiosk as your vehicle charges. As part of the effort to improve and track sperm quality, all Tesla owners will get unlimited sperm collection kits.

Privacy shades will rise in your vehicle. To think — with the simple push of a button you can produce a sperm sample in the privacy of your own Tesla.

The Tesla Motherboard has been programmed with automated semen analysis technology and a supporting software management system. The software will also be able to track your sperm quality over time and you will receive alerts when your sperm is tracking better than normal or lower than normal. The launch date coincides with video app availability. Not only will you get a complete semen analysis from your Tesla, but the motherboard will also show your moving sperm on your Tesla Touchscreen display.

Dr. Aimee examines sperm cells through the Tesla Motherboard

This video can then get transmitted directly to your fertility doctor along with your sperm report. After all, sperm quality is considered the 6th vital sign.

Elon Musk cares about prostate health too: The back seat will come with a special accessory that will perform a prostate exam. We all know that sheltering in place may also mean fewer urology visits for men. Elon has been a hero when it comes to respirators. He is now exploring how he can turn his Tesla into a pod for men’s total health. The exam information will be transmitted to world-renowned urologist Dr. Paul Turek. Expected launch date April 1, 2022. This is being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2021.

The perfect car for male partners of women who have frozen their eggs: When you’re ready to thaw them, you want to make sure the sperm is ready and this car will tell you when it’s the optimal time for your thaw.

A built-in sperm tracker in your vehicle: Just like the car can track your battery life over time, the car is now programmed to trend your sperm counts as well. It’s great for women who are preparing for pregnancy.

Elon Musk wants to be credited with preventing the further decline of sperm counts with every generation. Through his advanced technology initiatives, he is hoping to eradicate male infertility. The goal is to improve sperm counts of the next generation, something that’s important to Dr. Aimee as well.

Expect delivery of the sperm sensor cars by April 1st, 2021.

Please click here to put your name on the waitlist for the prostate accessory. All Teslas as of today, are ready to analyze sperm.

Please call 1–800-TES-LICLE if you are having any issue with your motherboard analyzing your sperm. A service provider will be ready to troubleshoot your issue. is a resource tool for all Tesla owners who want to learn more about how they can improve their sperm health.